Growing up wandering the forests, shores and riverbanks of Muskoka was the seed that planted Love North. Leaving Muskoka after high school to study Global Studies and Political Science led me across the world and back. I lived and worked in Central & South America, Africa & Asia on both humanitarian projects and teaching for over 8 years. 

I returned from living in East Africa and began working at a local health food store in Bracebridge. I realized that very few Canadian companies were making natural skincare, let alone using the abundance of local ingredients in their skincare or health products at this time.   

Nature is self care.


I began to study Western herbal medicine, while at the same time, building a cabin and preparing what would turn into 2 years of 'living off the land'. I helped build, and lived in a small cozy cabin with a wood stove, with no running water and no electricity, a garden, and an underground fridge in the middle of the bush. This hardworking way of life, had many benefits and many processes that could, looking back, be improved, however, one of the many benefits was that it provided the time to study the plants and connect with them.

Click your heals, and voila, right? Not exactly, in 2014 I decided to quit my fairly good job and go, "All in", I honestly have not looked back. Four years later, we proudly offer a line of botanical skincare and herbal products that are made with the purest and highest quality wild-crafted plants.  

We ethically wild-harvest 100% of our own plants from Muskoka and north of to make our in house extracts as well as distill our own hydrosols and essential oils. We also dry the local wild-crafted botanicals for herbal teas and extracts as well as facial steams and herbal tinctures.