Nature is self care.


Our company mission is to create deeply sustainable, high-quality products that are made in balance with the earth, and that have a positive effect on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Our botanical skin and body care boast the abundance of the north, and through plant alchemy our goal is to create the product that lives and breaths the purity of the plants and forests that surround us.  We use our own ethically wild-harvested local botanicals & evergreens using traditional methods of extracting the therapeutic components of the plants, using a 200 Litre traditional copper still. We begin the fascinating journey of distillation of flowers and trees into essential oils within minutes of harvesting!  The purity of nature itself, and the labour of love make our products sustainable in a next kind of level way. We can proudly say that all of our products have a positive impact on one's overall health and well-being, by the time, care, integrity, and the relationship of balance with the earth that is our primary intention.

There is not one ingredient in our bottle that is harmful to you or your skin, we use only the highest quality plant-based ingredients that are created sustainably. We scent our products with only steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils. Everything we touch, has to be found in nature. All of our face care products are packaged in glassware, which can be re-used or refilled. Our body care is in metal which can be re-used or recycled. We have one product that is still plastic, and we are working on innovative ideas to get a similar product to our customers without the plastic. By January 2021 we intend for the product packaging vessels to be 100% plastic free. Our intention is only to heal, and not to create harm to our bodies and the earth.

All of our products are formulated with deep integrity for the earth and for you. We care about every molecule that touches your body, and we want you to feel the vibration of this integrity.

Product Highlights:

-          Plant based ingredients (except Face Creams & Salves have local beeswax)

-          Ethically-wild-crafted plant extracts and distillations (hydrosols & essential oils)

-          Local, all hand-crafted in Muskoka, Canada

-          Organic – applying for certification through Eco-Cert - we use only USDA/ECO-CERT unrefined organic oils in our product lines

-          Fair trade shea butter, Virgin coconut oil, Babassu oil & Tamanu oil

-          Cruelty-free

-          Love North creates many of our own raw materials (plant extracts, essential oils, floral waters) which creates a high vibration through our focus and intention with the craft, and comes through to the feel of the product on all levels.

-          We use the abundance of what is around us, which connects to our ancient roots in the practices of vibrational medicine, alchemy and wild womyn ways, reconnecting to the true Goddess - within.