Spring Cleanse: Cleansing Inside & Out

It has indeed been a long winter here in the northern hemisphere, and every part of me is wanting to cleanse. I do love the cycles of the seasons, but the reality of longer winters and more drastic weather fluctuations has me feeling heavy this spring, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. The spring is an ideal time to cleanse the winter foods, and hard mental and emotion things we’ve processed over the slower winter. This is a natural time to let go of the part of ourselves that no longer serves our highest selves. We’ve had the winter to process those aspects of ourselves, our behaviours, paradigms and relationships which need to shift or be let go of. The spring is spiritually a time of renewal and rebirth as we can completely rebirth ourselves to be a better version of ourselves.

Here are some suggestions (which I will also be following this spring to cleanse all aspects of oneself) for a fresh and joyful spring and summer.


-          Complete a 10 day to 2 week cleanse, and let your body cleanse from the following:

-          Sugar, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, flour/gluten products if you eat those foods

-          Start intermittent fasting – Eat all of your meals within a 9-12(maximum) time frame (all leading research indicates the health benefits of eating within this time frame)

-          Start a new activity or sport that you have always wanted to do

-          Try one new green product that you research and align with in all ways. From a new face cream to reusable produce bags, every choice you make, does have an effect on yourself and the planet.


-          Write down the areas of yourself you are ready to let go of: ie. Behaviours such as a bad self talk, or talking badly about others, watching too much television or spending too much time on social media.

-          Have a fire (the element of fire is ideal) and set your intentions of letting these thing(s) go, and allow yourself to release them, throw your paper with your things to leave behind in the fire, and keep your intention on letting go.


-          Emotional triggers go hand in hand with having wounds from our childhood or experiences in life. Often, we can break down the reactions that begin in the body, work their way to the brain, and then deliver information based on what the ego/mind believes.

Ie. If someone was made fun of a lot as a child, in adulthood, that person may be very sensitive to other people’s opinions and may give their power away to other people to be accepted. All of the current reality is embedded in the wound that begun in childhood.

-          By pinpointing the trigger, why we feel that way, and taking the time to understand where that original thought pattern came from, we can then begin to unwind that way of thinking and re-train our brain based on new information, such as, that we are worthy of love, and good friendships.  We then have to begin to align our own life and choices with that new intention. One must be willing to make sacrifices in order to stay aligned with this new intention of becoming free from one’s wounds.


I believe we all have a soul mission on this planet, but in order to have the clarity to receive the information to carry our lives forward with that beauty and abundance, we have to do the work that is required of us on this planet.

I find that the more work I do on becoming more self-aware, the bigger the reward. Embedded into many cultures around the world, is the idea of stalking ourselves to understand our own psyche very deeply. This kind of soul work can free us from wounds that may affect our happiness and ability to feel free and relaxed. Many of the teachers and healers I have worked with, compare the true self to an union, and it is up to us as individuals, to peel back all those extra layers, to find our true self, uninhibited, to the onion center.

To align our spirit with our heart, mind and body is to me, living to one’s highest potential. When I go against what my Spirit/Soul is saying (intuition tells me) then I really see how suffering begins. Our intuition can be tricky, in that it tells us exactly what to do/not to do, and if we don’t follow, things can get worse.

I want you to make an effort to listen to your intuition (your gut instincts) as we enter into spring, which is also a great time to let go of old patterns that no longer serve our highest self. If your intuition has been telling you something, I want you to listen to it, and follow through. There may be some piece of information your intuition revealed to you long ago, and you still haven’t followed through. Whether it’s hard or not, going against such a powerful force within us is detrimental.

Allow your spirit to soar, by truly listening to what you need in all areas of your life, and living aligned to your intuition! Even if the initial stages are difficult, the more you listen to your intuition, the stronger it will become, and the more it will show up to guide you to the best version of yourself 😊